Why your approach to the media needs “The Thing”

For the teams at Recognition PR and Write Away Communication + Events, this book club was a special edition. We had an insight-filled book to discuss, 101 Ways to Connect with Modern Newsrooms, and the book’s author, Simon Holt, on hand to argue his case. As Editor in Chief of the Brisbane Times, Simon believes […]

The workweek hustle that employees actually enjoy

Many businesses are aware that helping to keep employees healthy increases productivity and reduces absenteeism; two highly-desirable outcomes for most companies. Many businesses run a variety of programs to support their employees’ wellbeing, from free breakfast programs to onsite gyms. Companies benefit because staff have fewer sick days, and show up to work focused and […]

How to get a better design result

Communicating effectively with the designer is the most critical element in ensuring the final product meets your vision and specifications. Without a clear brief the designer is left to interpret your instructions according to their own experience and preferences. Occasionally this works perfectly. More often, it can result in frustration and a design that does […]